Starting a small business out of my high-school locker, customizing womens and mens attire has always been a passion of mine. The handmade process of painting, sewing, and sreenprinting into upcycled materials inspires me. It allows an article of clothing to have another chapter in its life, or shoulders to wear its tale.

Today my customized wedding jackets are inspired by all the unique details that encompass a wedding. Details, that are temporary, other than in the memories they create. It is my intention to construct a piece of clothing that can be worn for years to come, which allows you to relive those memories and be a part of many to create.

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  • Inspiration

    This current video is part of a series titled "Tracing My Steps 1."

    This video embodies the conceptual process for creating the latest line of hand printed t'shirts inspired by the marks made by human interaction on everyday objects of the urban space.

    A video will be released connected to each t'shirt printed in the series. Feel free to view previous videos on